Mattercast with Maxdavinci feat Sidvee

Welcome to a brand new section where we try to get popular bloggers and twitter users to talk about themselves and random shit. There’s no set format but we try to get to know more about people and make stuff up as we go. If people like this, we’ll get more interesting people to talk to each week and keep the fun going. I haven’t come up with a name yet and we’re calling it ‘Mattercast with Maxdavinci’ for now. Better names, and suggestions to improve the show are welcome. We’d also love to hear from you on what you liked, what you didn’t and who you would like to see featured in this section for the coming weeks.

For the pilot podcast we’ve got Sidvee who is very popular on twitter and his blog is the most read by the Indian junta these days. I don’t want to waste further time extolling his virtues for we have a podcast that does the same.  So stop playing those loud jarring Himesh Reshammiya songs on your headphones and give this a listen.


Direct link: Here you go, for the so called posh iPaadh, iFone users.

PS: I apologize for the quality, some downloads in the background may have choked my internet.

PPS: Mentioned in this mattercast are @atlasdanced, @abvan, @cornerd, @thecricketcouch, @localteaparty

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  • Nice job max, something I felt bloggers needed to get into for awhile. I know sidvee mainly through his mom as am good friends with her, who is an amazing lady by herself!

    Neways, your voice is super cool too! :-)

  • bharadwaj rangan of sports writing – that’s ahell of acompliment. well deserved Sid!
    I remember that as a child he used to sit and watch fencing matches in Olynpics and some other vague sports. I used to think they telecast them only for him!
    thanks da vinci, I enjoyed this ( although he is going to get a earful for not mentioning me once throughout the interview. talk of ungrateful offspring!)

    • and oh, may you be the father of 100 podcasts! chiranjeevi bhava!

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