Mattercast with Maxdavinci feat TheCricketCouch

Thank you for all link love, facebook shares & twitter RTs to the pilot Mattercast. I wasn’t quite sure on how it was going to turn out, but the response has been overwhelming. There were a lot of suggestions and requests for future guests which have been duly noted. Some of the most famous bloggers/twitter personalities has agreed to be guests in the coming weeks. This is all happening way too fast and you can tell how excited I am.

This week we have Subash Jayaraman better known as The Cricket Couch, who runs a very popular blog and is well known on twitter as well. In addition to his beautiful insights to the game of cricket he also does a series of podcasts with with real people who matter in the cricketing world (unlike this blog!). Anyone who loves cricket would have surely heard about him and if you haven’t here’s a good chance to know more about him as we speak about his tryst with legends, travelling to watch India play abroad, his jersey collection and the growth of Cricket in America.


Direct link: Here you go, for the so called posh iPaadh, iFone users.

PS: The sound quality is not the best, but I’ve tried editing and kept it tight.

PPS: Mentioned in this mattercast are @sidvee, @cricketwballs, @dpmilgaya, @bhogleharsha and @wasimakramlive