Lyrics are overrated

Dear readers, its high time we bring back nonsense bulletins to counter all the crap that is doled out in the name of prime time news. This is Munna Mobile bringing you the best of news you cannot use. Music has been an integral part of our cinema and has served as a narrative vehicle for characters to express their feelings. Over the years the poetic element has taken a backseat and songs in cinema have been reduced to backup dancers in jarring costumes or the lead pair gallivanting in a foreign locale. Things changed when the Mozart of madras announced his arrival and spawned many wannabes to ring in a new age of cinema music. One such music arranger is Harris Jayraj and our music correspondent James Bilahari caught up with him earlier this week for his views on the current music scene, charges of plagiarism & his most recent album.

“Saar, it is being an utmost honour to be with you today. Whoever thought that a small reporter called James Bilahari will be sitting with you today, I am a great fan saar. Please tell us about your association with ARR”

(What sort of a name is James Bilahari, well I certainly cannot ask that question)” Oh it was fun working with ARR, but he was obsessed with lyrics and how they would sew into the lattice of his tunes, He still hasn’t got the concept that music is the main ingredient and lyrics are just like a meetha paan after a heavy rajasthani thali

“what greatness saar, what thinking. Is that the reason why you always choose to employ words that have no meaning in your albums, and yet manage to churn out hits?”

“Who said the have no meaning, they may have no meaning in the languages you know. Doesn’t mean they don’t make sense in any of the 6000+ languages spoken all over the world. Can you or any of your ARRtard friends in the media prove it?”

“You are right sir, most certainly. This is all a media-driven conspiracy to defame you and stop your ascent from toppling ARR from the zenith of musical greatness”

“Apdi podu, I have a term for such words and I call them kasamusa-kissumissu. I have a huge collection of such words which I use in various songs as and when needed. Do you know that I sometimes create my own kasamusa-kissumissu when I’m composing a tune. The tune speaks to me and such words miraculously appear in front of my eyes. I am truly gifted in that way, praise the lord. ”

“This will serve as a tight slap to all those who proclaim ARR to be a saint sir. Tunes may come to him in his sleep, but you get words that mean something in a different languages come  to you. You are the true saint. ”

“Music knows no caste, creed, religion or borders, then why curtail that with lyrics that root you to a particular demographic? My tunes give listeners in any part of the world something to relate to when they hear a Kasamusa-Kissumissu.”

“What flasaffy saar, Now when Bengalis listen to a Tamil song, they no longer have to feel alienated. There is a common ground where both bongs & tams don’t understand certain words!”

“Exactly, lyrics in songs and TATA Sumos in south Indian cinema both serve no purpose whatsoever. The former is to help lyricists win awards and the latter just keep getting blown up all the time”

“Somewhere only you wentoff saar, what do you have to say about the allegations of plagiarism against you? ”

“haha #wastefellows, If I only copy others tunes then they have a case against me. But i don’t even spare my own tunes, yet they outrage? I am just drawing inspirations from all over the world including my previous work, I even tried to sue myself, yet these people are after me. It is just a passing cloud, let it go”

“Saar they say you have done something very different and path breaking in your latest album, Nanban?”

Aah asku laska amo amo aai asthu asthu laibae
aha habo bolinga chintha chintha ishku ishku meela

“Sample these lyrics, this is my crowning glory and I am going to change the music industry for ever. In the past I have only used a word or a phrase in my songs, but this time I have composed an entire pallavi in kasamusa-kissumissu. Think about it, this open a whole new market for our songs and paves the path to be come chartbusters in the world scene”

“whatay, you had composed a Chinese song for 7am Arivu, which itself was path breaking. But now you have broken new barrier with this. Imagine kids in Ghana, old people in Romania, Teens in Russia and mothers in the Fiji Islands will all be able to  hum your songs and appreciate your music without feeling alienated. You have truly arrived saar, what made you take this step?”

“The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of any song composed by me are the kasamusa-kissumissu, they stay in your mind for longer than usual lyrics. So instead of a Oh maghazeeya, or a randakka I now give the world an entire pallavi. Even those smart people on twitter are stumped by this and fail to come up with any mokkais or anagrams”

“You are correct, #Mokkaimasters like @mohank & @Ajit_Bhaskar who were ripping apart raagas during the margazhi season stand shocked like Daryl Cullinan against Shane Warne’s flippers! Also the #worldfamous @diogeneb who is currently attempting to enter the record book for anagramming an entire chapter of the Bhagavad Gita was lost for words. No words saar, they have no words for your brilliance.  Thank you for enlightening me, I shall now go and memorize these lyrics”

(Images Courtesy: TOI, graphjam)