Anand (telugu)

After my DSP exam(23rd Nov) I went to watch ANAND the movie and I was impressed. it is the second telugu movie after KUSHI that I liked and felt like sitting throughout the whole movie. It is very well written, shot and edited without any scanty wardrobe nor are there any extravagant mansions or Armani shirts. Shot in simple everyday wear with all the locales in AP it is a must watch. Even the songs are picturized as the lead pair without any support dancers. I almost forgot the numerous classical music bits embedded in the slick screenplay. Without even an iota of vulgarity and very good background music I recommend the movie and tis a collectors item.

I hardly watche telugu movies and this was only on a friends recommendation. I’ve could never even imagined that apna telugu industry could churn out a movie like this! I hate movies where the lead pair breaks into a song in the middle of nowhere and are immediately teleported to a foreign locale with 281 male dancers behind the hero performing aerobics at a frenetic pace. Not to forget the 375 female dancers or behind the lady wearing clothes stolen from a kiddies store. It rains out of nowhere and our ladies get to work with their thumkas n gyrating hips,waists etc. We also have the baddie’s lair with some moll wearing practically nothing is doing a cabaret(item song to be politically correct!).

Then you have sleaze,drugs women and bad lighting? duh! Now our hero has a mother who is kidnapped or a sister who is molested bah! Then there is an evil father or a revenge seeking don’s son or just family feud(rayalseemaaaaaaaaa!) dialogs that would make u puke(what’s the big deal in slapping your thigh?) and stupid item numbers. If not you have those melodramatic so-called family dramas where the first half belongs to comedians like sunil etc and the movie(torture) unravels itself in the second half. then You also ahve these so-called family comedies which talk of only adultery and the other woman. bah! Then there r these so-called teen movies which r vulgar with a capital V, and preach that all lecturers are assholes and colleges are the temples built to worship cupid! How can you leave aside the movies that are dubbed from other languages which are no worse but a few are watchable. Coming to think of it, these movies run solely due to

  • The huge money spinning stars whose fans ensure the movie runs 100 days
  • Sleaze
  • Comedians who get beaten up but make us smile
  • Scantily clad women
  • Mass music that has popular abuse jargon as lyrics and are better known as teen-maar songs

Finally there is a fresh breath of air with a lovable movie this. I hope you watch the movie and help the guy Sekhar Kammula make some money so that he makes us another rare but neat movie!