That’s one word to summarize the whole 3hr experience.After the debacle of Boys shakar has gone back to doin wat he does best, i.e make big budget message-oriented movies.

Gentleman, Indian and Mudhalvan were about a society rife with corruption, Anniyan is about how procrastination is plunging our society into an irredeemable abyss. Anniyan, seen through the eyes of a Brahmin lawyer, asks us to take a look at what procrastination has done to our country.And it has taken all the audacity and ability of Vikram and the boldness and brilliance of Shankar to come up with this mesmerizing magic. At one level, it is just masala and mass entertainer.But the duo, like master magician, keeps you focused on the marvel of the moment rather than on the essential trick of it. Vikram’s sterling skills and Shankar’s spunky expertise seem made for each other.

It is very clear that Shankar has learnt from the debacle of Boys. He goes back to his strength — taking a social theme, spicing it up and serving the perfect commercial fare. To make it error-proof, he ropes in one of Tamil cinema’s most bankable stars and extracts an impressive performance. Vikram plays three distinct characters and Ambi is, by far, the best. Vikram is perfect as the meek Brahmin. Only, today, you can go knocking at every door in every street of Triplicane and Mylapore and you still won’t find anyone like that.

The film is out and out Vikram’s. As Ambi, as Remo and as Anniyan, this amazing actor is just that — amazing. He changes into these roles with the same ease and style of ramp models changing into clothes. His acting skills need no new underlining. It has been good.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is a major asset to this spectacular drama. All the songs that sounded good on the audio album, sound even better on screen.

The extravagance and the agreeable opulence in the backdrop add to the visual richness of the film. If it were lavender fields of Australia in Boys, then it is Tulip fields of Amsterdam here. The movie also stars Sada, Prakash Raj, Naseer and Vivek but Vikram overshadows all of em.

The technical work, like in most Shankar’s film, is astounding. The graphics effects are amazing, And what do you say of Shankar? To have thought of a film on such a scale in itself is a marvel, and to make it all work is simply stunning. His technical acumen has never been in doubt. And he also knows how to tell a gritty tale. The picturization of songs, always a highlight in his films, have reached a new high in this one. Though the film is long by normal standards, Shankar’s success lies in the fact that you realize that only when you come out of the theater. In the seats, he makes you stay riveted.

My only prob was the fight sequence which looked good in the wachowski brothers film didn’t quite fit here. But hey, its not guys like me who help the movie run. Movies run due to the 16 times INR 10 ticket guy rather than the mayb twice INR 40 guy.