Bheema – When a man loves another…….

Yep, ladeej and juntalmen Bheema is the first tamizh gay film and makes Will&Grace look amateurish. After giving us India’s first 70mm blue film for Diwali, the industry gives us a gay flick for Pongal! Shekar adores and idolizes Chinna ever since he was a kid and wants to be like him. They actually edited out a scene wherein the stick that Chinna hands over to Shekar sends shivers through his body. There might have even been a dream sequence song where Shekar is bathing in a pond and fantasizing about Chinna, but this is something only our director saar can clarify. Twenty years later, an all beefed up Shekar joins Chinna’s gang and single handedly takes on his enemies. In a bid to throw sand into peoples eyes and keep them guessing, we have a heroine who is mad about shekar and sings songs with him in dream sequences. Poor thing, little did she know that she was part of a triangular love story and there was just one-way traffic from her side.

To ensure that Chin-kar story doesn’t come out of the closet, Chinna is married to a woman thus enabling him to peacefully continue his affair. In the midst of this bold love story, we throw in a few hundred goons, cops and bullets. While the audience are made to believe that they are watching a run-of-the-mill masala movie, little do they realize that they are actually witnessing some path-breaking cinema! On the other hand, I think the tagline for this movie ought to be ‘To boldly go where no man has ever gone before!’ And why in Vyasa Maharishi’s name was the movie named Bheema? After all he was the most masculine character in the epic! Are we trying to scandalize mythology here? The music was good though and I liked the first song in particular.

Didn’t the last scene when Shekar and Chinna die in each others arms give you an iota of doubt? Morons!