chand sifarish…….

Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye.Tere ishq mein meri jaan Fanaa ho jaye.

What do you do when
1) are a young and emerging director with decent success making romantic comedies and want to try something out of the box?

2) you are an ace actor who just had a super (that was not only thought provoking but also a rousing commercial success) and want to flaunt you new hairstyle?

3) you are a very famous actress with numerous awards to your name, just had a kid and want to announce your arrival in the industry?

4) you own one of the most successful in the country and want to touch a few issues rather thatn using your tried and tested hit formula?

5) You are a script/dialogue writer who just stumbled upon hidden book of ‘Shayari’ and want to try it on the unsuspecting ‘junta’? (If I find the guy, I’ll break his wrists)

Ans: Yes there is a common answer to all the 5 above questions and that is:

“You make

The whole NRI junta is goin gaga over this new hindi movie to hit the shores. here are a few questions that may zip past your head:

1) Is it worth all the hype?

2) I heard that it has something to do with terrorists, so is it in the same league as ‘‘?

3) Aamir Khan was fantabulous in RDB, does he weave the same magic here?

4) Kajol looks great will she sweep the awards this time round as well?

5) I loved Kunal Kohli’s previous films, so is it even more snazzier n hep? It’s got my fav pair in it, so phuleeez mayur temme!

6) Man! Yashraj movies are always a treat to watch so what’s in store for us this time?

7) The ‘shayari’ in that ‘‘ song was awesome so do we look forward to great shayari packed powerful dialogues?

8) Terrorism obviously points towards kashmir, so the cinematography and scenes must be great right?

9) Yashraj films hasn’t had any big love-saaga after ‘‘, so is has the ‘merchant of love’ let another cup winner from his stables?

10) The posters and other online resources indicate big names in the , so can we expect scintillating cameos?

Ans: Again all the above questions more or less have the same answer and that is:


It really pains to see when you have all the ingredients of a great movie right from the lead pair, support cast, director, production house, music, lyrics and the extensive media promotion bolstered by the internet. But then what is this moron whining about? You just named all of them!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 21st century. Generally movies are made around someting we call the STORY! We were so busy gathering requirements that we forgot the principal ingredient! It’s like you’re baking a cake, have a dozen cookbooks by your side, you get a fancy apron and chefs hat, you have eggs, sugar, color everything. Then you notice that u’ve forgot the flour!

It was a pain to watch almost everybody but the pair and the mom-dad pair reduced to no-roles. If the Shayari didn’t bore you then the like bomb trigger sure will. We have so much technology with millions been thrown into making movies and all you can do is rip the plastic of a deodorant and parade it as a trigger? The movie takes you around delhi but in the process shows that getting into the just needs an emotional sardar! Poor potrayal firstly and secondly the Rashtrapathi Bhavan? C’mon playing could be more exciting. Then we the worlds most lenient parents who are ready to marry their blind daughter to a guy whose name the don’t know forget meeting him!.

Then you have , somebody plz temme wat is she doin there lookin like snoopy? I’m not a and i believe that most female agents kick ass, but this surely was the worst you could get.
Then the climax, god almighty plz save us. Hollywood has turned the savitri way when was brought to life from the jaws of death(read my previous posts) in and here you give Kajol a gun and let her shoot her hubby? Oh ya I completely forgot you can comeback after 5 years and yor girlfriend will forgive you, marry you and let you be the father of her son!

The worst is yet to come. You have two helicopters over the snow without a single flake of snow flying and some weird graphics as the baddie crashes. The final nail in the coffin was when Kajol shoots her hubby and then cries over his body and says(gear up)….. I LOVE YOU

Sadly it proves once again that in bollywood starpower prevails all. Poor camera work, no storyline at all, wasted support cast, wasted guest appearances, excessive shayari and a lot more, all overshadowed by a fantastic lead pair. The movie collects 32 crores worldwide in week 1 and this post will seem meaningless now….

ladies and gentlemen we never learn!