First movie in KC…….

Saturday night was awesome as we went for the screening of the telugu blocbuster ‘Athadu’.

The movie is brilliantly taken and scores heavily on the cinematography, stills and costumes. The screen characters look ultra cool and that sets the tone for the whole movie. A lot of parts of the movie have a sepis background and grainy effect that work wonders. Camera work is very slick and the director(Trivikram) stands out with his work.

Apna hero Nandagopal a.k.a Nandu(Mahesh Babu) is a contract killer who lets his work speak. His partner plans the escapes and that also is handled with a lot of finesse. They are hired to shoot a politician but not kill him. As it hapens in all movies before apna hero takes aim the guy is shot in the head and khatam kahani. In come graphics as a tanker blows up and Nandu jumps onto a train from a building.

In the train he meets an idiot who tells him his jeevan kahani and that he is goin home after 12 yrs. The cops kill this new fellow givin him only 7 mins screen presnce. So apna hero goes to that guys village under his name
(Parthasarathy a.k.a Parthu) and as expected meets the heroine Poori(Trisha), her family, dadaji etc. As it happens in all movies he falls in luv wid her, and starts 2 like the family, motherly love etc etc.

So finally he helps that family wid their land prob, some goonda prob and even a marriage! Meanwhile he gets a chance 2 smooch Trisha twice, sing songs in super clothes, break a wall, and beat up a few goons. SO after all this routine cinema stuff enters our police guy, Prakash Raj. Once he finds that nandu isn’t parthu we have routine sad family scenes of betrayal etc. But instead of running away apna hero comes back n confesses and asks the family to forgive him. They for a change praise him n ask him 2 clear the blame on his name.

Till now the movie was awesome with Trisha lookin as fresh as ever. Now we are introduced to scenes that might remind you of ‘Face Off‘, ‘Sin City‘ and as all southie movies have begun using ‘The Matrix’. So our hero defies gravity, dodges bullets, kisses fire and shoots over 50 goons. In a final tussle with his partner who betrayed him as expected the bad guy dies. He then frames the politician who hatched the plan and offered Nandu’s partner to betray him.

But all ends well and its a refreshing experience, esp whistles and shrieks and first row yelling. All this in KC! For most of the movie it appeared to me that i was watchin the movie in some Hyd cinema hall.

If u have been then thank you for reading…