Kaalai – The bull disappeared from the BSE, and so did this one…….

Pardon me Simbu fans, for your idol has always reminded me of a cockroach! It was very amusing to imagine an insect belonging to phylum Arthropoda as a bull. Just like the previous post, even here I fail to understand how the title was related to the story, except for the million times the word ‘Kaalai‘ was uttered as part of the BGM. Deliberate eh? But then you have to hand it out to the director for the very unique characterization. How often do you come across a movie where three unrelated people share the same name? And when almost everybody in the movie is after a ‘Jeeva’ your brain cells are put to work as you decipher who is after whom. But then once you’ve got this sorted out you once again can’t stop thinking of that thing that runs around your kitchen sink and bathroom pipes.

Amongst all this confusion there is a girl who just had her cornea removed at the Sankara Netralaya/L.V.Prasad Inst and often goes into dream sequence with our roachstar. Ah! isn’t that a brilliant nick, and please stop bastardizing the thalaivar’s name by calling yourself ‘Little Superstar’. Neither are you little nor are you super , but roachstar suits you the best and we may even have a little roachstar twenty years from now. You have a hero and two heroines, but he isn’t in love with either of them! Wasn’t the dropping out of Madhavan and Trisha a decent signal? Or maybe our roachstar loves to defy the odds. Now before the ‘Hindu karupampoochi katchi‘ lauches a PIL against me, let us end it here.