Review: 3 Idiots – You are the fourth

Well, you read it right and I did infact call you all idiots. Who else in the world would be insane enough to go watch a movie that claims its protagonists to be idiots.A friend argued with me that the movie was going to be a dramatic sketch about kids suffering from acute idiocy and how they cope up with everyday life. She also went ahead to add that it would be a poignant and touching tale that forces you to yank out your handkerchiefs! I don’t blame her for after all Indian cinema has always been fascinated with medical conditions right form the iconic lymphosarcoma of the intestine to the more recent ones like dyslexia and progeria. Apart from that she had a great sparkling voice which then gives her the license to go on and on without being interrupted! Thankfully for me and unfortunately for her, the movie turned out to be diametrically opposite to that she had expected. One more dramatic, self-pitying, senti-weep-fest and I was ready to shoot someone. We’ve had too many this year, while some have unintentionally been tear-jerkers for their high levels of absurdity. It was hence even more important that last big release of the year be atleast mildly funny.

Movies are best enjoyed when you are either awed by the visuals, left laughing till you sides hurt, fall in love with the concept, or moved to tears by the poignant plot. There is however another category that is not often touched and that is when you feel a connect between you and a character on screen. When that happens, you can see yourself on screen and imagine what you would do in a similar situation. You are then tele-ported down memory lane as you reprise the events soaked in nostalgia. Do not watch this movie if you have never been in a mega pressure situation cramming for a competitive exam. If you have never questioned the value of the education you receive, without its practicality, then this will all seem fairy-taleish. If you’ve seen friends cave in, to the pressures of the heavily loaded curriculum and giving in to theΒ  rat-race by paying with ones life. Ever known someone who found hugging death, a lot more soothing than survive the endless rigmarole of percentages to the decimal? Ever seen the words jump out of your textbooks and run around the room, having stared at them for over14hrs a day? Ever been humiliated by your peers in front of everyone in your first month of college? Ever felt that you were destined to do other things, but were being bound by the system that kept shoving you into mediocrity? If your answer is in the negative for a majority of the above, then you are better off not watching the movie.

The movie however refuses to come out from behind the
of the
MunnaBhai series
behind the shadow of the MunnaBhai series. Agreed that the makers are the same, yet that doesn’t give you the excuse to leave major imprints. It’s like after a night of heavy booze, the morning after along with the hangover your breath smells everything you drank for the whole day! You therefore have semi-paralyzed patients who respond to humor and affection, magical catchphrases that miraculously seem to make people feel better, and civilians performing extremely complex medical procedures. Add to that smart kids who put their education to good use with some indigenous inventions. Luckily for use the humor isn’t compromised one bit, and the gags keep coming like ‘Draupadi’s akshaypatram in the Mahabharata‘. They however used a few rehashed jokes and that at times seems stale. We are big fans of comedy, and that includes peeing on a livewire, or even farting inappropriately. Only if a few cringe worthy scenes had been avoided for more breathtaking shots of ladakh with azure waters, the movie would have scored a lot more. On the DappanKoothu scale, we score it at 7/10 and do watch it if possible!

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