Review: Wake up Sid – A Boy, not a Man

The weekends are getting better with better stuff to look forward to at the cinemas on Friday evenings. While not the best to hit the screens this year, Wake up Sid still makes the cut especially taking into account the production house it belongs to. Dharma Productions brings us another hip and trendy enjoyable fare that is devoid any family melodrama, palatial mansions, sherwanis and the great flapping albatross a.k.a SRK! A lot has been already said bout the South Bombay lifestyle with slacker kids aimlessly shelling their fathers credit cards. Playing tribute to a genre
by Farhan Akthar
a genre resuscitated by Farhan Akthar, Wake up Sid barely shows anyoneย  in a remote struggle with life. A decent soundtrack, no over-the-top acting by Konkona Sen, Anupam Kher and some great visuals make it a winner despite the multiple attempts of Ranbir Kapoor to put up just one expression that even beats zoolander! Supriya Pathak evokes a lot of warmth in the limited screen time she gets that makes you wonder why Kirron Kher keeps getting those mommy roles over and over again! Apart from being horrendously predictable, getting Rahul Khanna to patent loser roles, Kashmira Shah making an omlette in those saucy thighs of hers, Wake up Sid is yet watchable.

Have you ever worn tees with prints of Dick Dastardly,ย  Beavis & Butthead, Scooby Doo, or any other groovy Hanna Barbara toons! Have you ever had the audacity to carry off such prints and set a trend of your own rather than follow it?

Have you ever walked into an elevator full of office goers fully clothed in formals while your tee has a funny message emblazoned across the chest and you’re head is still trying to recollect the chain of events from last night. Ever wondered what goes in the minds of your lift mates to see you?

Do you ever feel the urge to cuddle up in a bed with spongebob sheets, run around in bunny printed boxers, never leave home without your daffy duck towel or just strut around in multi-colored socks? Ever wondered how gawdy things could also become fashion?

Ever waded through the sea of students on results day at school only for parallax errors to haunt your vision as you try to add up marks in a horizontal line. Ever failed in multiple papers only to realize your friends sailed through and having to face your parents angst?

Ever felt confused bout what you were going to do in life and believing in living only for one wild night at a time. Anyone know what it feels to live in a cocoon all your years hidden from the harsh reality of life only to have it thrust in your face one day?

Know how it feels to walk into an office without the slightest idea of what you’re going to do, and whiling away your time just because you have to and are compelled to do so? Ever found your calling elsewhere with a fire in your belly urging you to do something else?

Know how it feels to land in an unknown city all by yourself, away from home and bootstrap life right form finding a place to live, to cooking your first meal?ย  Ever stared at an egg for hours hoping the warmth of your hands would miraculously cook it? Ever sat on an empty stomach all day cursing your inability to turn raw vegetables to anything remotely edible, waiting helplessly for someone to feed you out of empathy?

Ever had Spiderman and Superman adorn adorn your walls and the Justice League occupy your desktop wallpaper at an age when most of your friends are fantasizing scantily clad women? Ever had subscriptions of Marvel comics pile up on your study table with a few first-editions safely stashed away in their original plastic?

Ever felt the dying urge to land yourself a job and stand on your own toes to get counted and feel independent. Know how it feels to see an offer letter and hear the crackle of crisp notes debited out of your first paycheck? That first purchase, the first treat, the first apartment and all the firsts that come with it?

Ever been asked to grow up, seem a lot more matured and act to one’s age? Ever been tired of being called a kid and repeatedly proving yourself to everyone who does? Know what it feels to see the world forcibly pulling you out of your slumber and egging you to wake up?

If you answer ‘yes’ to atleast a couple of the above questions, then it’s a good enough reason to haul yourselves to a cinema hall to watch ‘Wake up Sid’. Actually go watch it even if the answer is ‘No’, for it may be worth it for all you know!

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