Vaazhthugal – A crash course in tamizh…….

Saw the so-called blockbusters of the tamizh pongal bonanza back to back this weekend and I’m glad to have survived the ordeal. Tamizh cinema has often succumbed to hero worship and the new releases of the season plunge to an all new low. I hope this and the previous two posts, serve as an early warning to unsuspecting junta.

Coming from a very old and beaten track, Vaazhthugal is predictable scene to scene. But what stands out is the use of pure(read SunTv news here) tamil. Not just the lyrics but even screenplay and the only English word in the whole film is when Madhavan’s secretary greets him with a ‘Good morning sir’. truly commendable but then what about people like us who had to comprehend some of the dialogs from the context of the scene? Also the inability to hum any of the songs for their overtly exotic lyrics. Have you ever heard of a movie where the characters have such tongue twisting names such as Kathirava, Kayalvizhi, Kannimozhi etc… Quite sure that the aficionados of Tamil literature would have found it interesting but then that doesn’t convert to commercial success. The heroine in this boy-meet-girl, both-fall-in-louw, girls-family-anti-louw, boy-impresses-family-and-wins-girls-hand, was kinda cute though.

Had to watch the Star Screen awards to get back in to some rhythm but even that went over board with sixteen women winning an award. Well that is something for another post though…..

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