voh south ke phillum

How often have you heard this term? I for sure have heard it a zillion times, and to be frank am quite fed up of hearing the same. Those forwarded emails carrying youtube clips of gabtun or balayya and a wisecrack comment that relegates all of southern India’s films to the depths of neverland. A more researched post is still in the draft phase but in the meanwhile here is a small comparison.

Here is a song that features the best real life Bollywood couple in a so-called-seductive song. Abhi-Ash don’t have a bedroom song as yet and hence do not qualify. At one corner you have an award winning heroine whose last two roles have been that of a blind woman and one suffering from alzheimers(interesting?). Giving her company is a national award and more importantly a dandanakka award winning actor who incidentally is also the director of this film. This is all I could find on youtube and didn’t have the patience to rip and upload it myself, not to worry coz you’re not missing anything…


Now this is what kollywood has to offer. A mediocre actress for whom many may claim that the word mediocre is also a huge compliment, and her hubby a pretty decent actor with nothing great to boast about barring a few movies like this one. The divide in terms of acting between these two couples is without any doubt greater than the grand canyon yet the second video seems more convincing. Ladeej and juntalmen that is what is called chemistry, it not only exists in beakers and pippettes but also between couples.


A few of these south ke phillum may sure be cheap, crass and crude but the rest are far more stylish than anything bollywood has imagined. It takes a RDB or a TZP to beat the south but then both these movies had a heavy southie influence!(Maddy,Siddharth, A.R.Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan etc). If any of you wisecracks wanna tell me that this movie is stylish then I have some left-over ‘mushroomfry’ that has been lying in my fridge for a week, just for you!

For those who wanna poke fun at the thalaivar, here comes a man that defies all odds. Show me two of his films that have even remotely been similar and i’ll eat my mushrooms myself. Huge expectations from this one and I hope he wont disappoint.


The ‘Sarkar Raj‘ trailer is also a winner but then you can’t count it for it’s made by a southie. Those of you rooting for the ‘Jism-Jadoo hain nasha‘ song, it wasn’t a bedroom song and plus the music director was Telugu and the hero a mallu.

PS: Lifted from Bachchan saab’s blog, Here is what RGV messaged him on Tashan.

people are saying Tashan is as bad as Aag…! If Sholay has set the bench mark for the ultimate hit then the least i achieved with Aag, is that i made it a bench mark for the ultimate flop..