Reesunt phillums vaatched

Allo peepuls,

Dis yis da leest aaf all da phillums I have vaatched reesuntly. They have a star rating vich yis how much I peel it deserves. You may yegree or disyegree wid me, but dat yis upto you. I aalso try to link to either IMDB or its aafeeshial web page if I haven’t reviewed yit. You all must be smart yeenuf to figure out that more stars means hiyar rating. Yif you press the plus sign(+), you can read my one line review of that phillum. Aalso you can do all types aaf fancy sorting as da leest keeps growing. I hope this page serves yas yan yeendicator so that all you peepuls can have a yenjoyable phillum yekuspeerience.