Audio Review: Karzzz – Himsa Raagam

Himesh in KarzzRegular readers of this blog will know that I am a ‘param bhakt‘ of ‘Shri Himeshwarji Maharaj‘. For those new to this space or ones with bad memory, click this post to read about my ‘apaar bhakti‘. Most of the famous desi portals have safely ignored carrying a review of the year’s biggest musical, Karzz. I therefore took it upon me to boldy
what no
man has ever
done before
to boldy attempt what no man has ever done before. Bhaiyon aur unke Beheno, aap ke ijazat se pesh karta hoon. Strap on your seat belts and get ready to experience himessing1 like never before! After a pulsating and breathtaking ‘Aap ka Suroor‘ (the CD still plays in my car!), karzzz seems like an undernourished kid in a concentration camp. With a heavy heart I have to admit that despite all my expectations, this one falls flat on it’s face. Karzz is a custom-made album for all the auto-richshaw-wallahs and hence features 9 tracks. If that didn’t satiate the Himesiatics2, then the 10 remixed tracks will definitely do. Just imagine 19 tracks of Himeshwar Maharaj’s sublime crooning in every auto-rickshaw! How I wish if he didn’t have to sing every other song, do read on if you’re still interested!

aaaaaaaaaa aaaaauuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaa
Tumse Mohabbat Kar loon Jee Bhar Ke
Poori Hasrat kar loon Jee Bhar ke
Jo Toone diya ishq mein Jo Toone diya ishq mein
Lut Jaaon Lut Jaaon Lut Jaaon Main Lut Jaaon us karz pe

I swear I haven’t made them up, but I cud definitely have come up with something better. This song has a very addictive tune, but once you hear the vocals(esp male) you involuntarily change the track! Why do the same phrases need to be repeated is something that beats me. I can’t wait to get my hands on the instrumental version, wonder where I could find it.

Bolo hare hare hare hare Bolo hare hare hare hare
Tere ishq mein dooba rahe Tere ishq mein dooba rahe
Shaamon sehar mera rom rom Hari yoooom hari yoooom hari yooooooooom

For those weak in Hindi, I’ll attempt a translation. May my hair drown in your love day and night. Now why would do that and how is Mr.Hari involved in this! Now if you are a barber and your name is Hari, then it makes sense! You may think that Himes Bhai is trying to recreate the magic of Rishi Kapoor on a giant gramaphone record. Wrong my friends, after the autowallah community he is reaching out to the hajjam/nai community!

Tak tanana tanana tandoori nights tandoori nights tandoori nights
sama sharabi jahan sharabi dekho rabba sharabi dildar mein
hawa sharabi teri aada sharabi yeh fiza sharabi dildar mein
tanha tanha he dil tanha tandoori nights
if u loving was wrong i dont wanna be right

Being a foodie, I could instantly connect with this song. Notice how magnificiently Himes Bhai reaches out to all the cooks,waiters and dhaabawallahs with this so-called-melody. For the uninformed, Tandoori Nights is my favorite desi restaurant in Gaithersburg MD and there are many restaurants with the same name in Hyderabad, LA etc. One can’t help but notice how each song is dedicated to a different section of the society. This song apparently features Himes and Urmila running around trees, but all I can think of is my greasy and fluffy Aloo Paratha!

Masha Allah Subhan allah masha allah subhan allah
Tera chehra jabse dekha Dil Gumshuda hua vallah

Is Duniya mein Jo Ishq Di Lagan Lagaye
Sisak Sisak Ke Bilakh Bilakh ke Tadap Tadap Ke Mar Jaaye

Tere bin chain na aave na aavae chain na aave na aave chain na aave na yaar

Would you believe if I told you that they above are actually three different songs? That being the beauty of Himeshji Maharaj, they all look and sound the same! All the three the songs have a strong sense of deja vu and the now slightly boring nasal twang. Himes Bhai’s jarring voice drowns the shenai and tabla in the background as he carefully woos the minorities. You don’t want to leave anyone depressed don’t you?

Dhoom tere ishq ki‘ sajna is probably the best of the lot. It is in songs like these where you see how much potential himes bhai really has. My guess is that he is being forced to dole out third class class music! If not for his stupid ego and attitude for singing every song, this could have been a chart buster. This song has Rahat fateh Ali Khan written all over it and could have well become another tumse mann ki lagan. However Himes is no Khan saab but the song is definitely worth another hearing.I rather not mention ‘Ek Hasina Thi‘ for I can’t imagine anyone stir up the vocals of KishoreDa. This one is painful and looks all over the place, so lets leave it there.

All said and done, Karzzz is a sorry comeback after Aap ka Suroor. Being a musical, I expected it to blow me away. Now I just have to be content with a waxed-chest and cleavage-showing Himesh Maharaj jiggle on a gigantic DVD!

himessing1: Himesh + Singing (It’s a new genre!)
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