Jet Jet Baby…….

For those following this blog would have realized by now that I’m in the desh, and the previous post was quite a hint. I travelled on a combination of Jet and AA and want to tell you that apna desi
wins hands down!
apna desi Jet wins hands down! The ambiance, the soft spoken flight attendants, the in-flight entertainment, the service, and free drinks! As opposed to AA that charged you $6 for a sip, Jet had unlimited alcohol and stuff like Remy Martin, Absolut, Bacardi on the house(er flight).

I’m no guzzler but the food was what fascinated me, aaloo parathas, with pulav and raita for lunch. That was followed by pav bhaji a few hours later. The poor chap kept walking through the aisles offering juice and ensured everybody was tucked in comfortably at night.

For anyone flying to the desh, try Jet. They operate from Newark and fly to Delhi, Bombay and Madras. AA and other international carriers can sure learn some mehman-nawazi from the guys at Jet.

PS: This post isn’t sponsored by jet, but if any Jet employees are reading this then I’d appreciate a discount on my next purchase!