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Abhishek Bachchan

Oppari with Oprah

Hello ji, are you a celebrity or do you think that you are one? Have you met the Kannagi of the west, Oprah? ┬áNo? Don’t worry. Now arranging a meet might not be that easy, so are you good at photoshop or do you atleast know someone who can do the required imagery for you? […]

Review: Paa – Bring home the awards

Dear Paa, What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words, ‘Daavar seth aaj bhi main phenke hue paisa nahin utatha ‘ or ‘Pandrah sau rupiyah ki pagaar mein ghar nahin chalta toh imaan kaise chalega, Gaitonde saab? ‘. What about my personal favorite where Anthony Gonsalves tells Inspector […]

Review: Delhi 6 – Monkey business

‘There is Mani Ratnam and then there are the rest’. A friend quoted my very words while ranking current directors from second position onwards. Raykesh Omprakash Mehra was one such name that came up, but with our minimum criteria of 3-4 films we decided to wait till Delhi 6 was out. I often argue with […]

Review: Dostana – Gay bana toh nibhana

Gay is the new buzz word after ‘Obama’ among hep circles these days. We had never even heard of the term till Friends and Will & Grace graced our TV sets. Apparently kids these days seem to know it all at a very young age. It’s a personal choice and we have nothing against it, […]

Review: Drona – Smile toh karo na

Despite rumors that people were selling their tickets for half price at INOX, I still dared to watch Drona. I am a sucker for mythology and that weighs just about everything. Hell, I’d watch even if the great Teeyaar was in a Mahabharata remake. Even if it was as bad as trade pundits claimed, it […]

Gaana of the week (Jhoom Barabar Jhoom)

‘Bol na halke halke’ was probably one of the most underrated and forgotten songs of 2007. Brilliant vocals by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Mahalaxmi Iyer but with the film(Jhoom Barabar Jhoom) sinking at the box office and the absence the promos, this song is unheard by many. [youtube=’’] Check this space every weekend for […]

Dappan Koothu

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