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Om jai lalu hare

Om jai lalu hare swamy jai lalu hare chaare ke ghotaale railway ke mantralay rabri sangh door kare Om jai lalu hare Kitne scam mein pakde gaye phir bhi jail na gaye Swami phir bhi jail na gaye ghar mein cricket teaam banaye bihar gaye tel lene paisa toh hain desh ka Om jai lalu […]

Is it marathi manoos or manhoos?

Bombay will be always special to my family for it was where my grandfather began his career as he set foot into the city with his newly wedded wife. It was where my father has spent a major chunk of his life and also my early growing years. We’ve moved on to live in many […]

Dappan Koothu

Movies, Matter, Satire