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dandanakka awards

The 2010 Dandanakka Awards – Part 2

We’ve got to admit that the IPL is killing every one, it’s not just the excitement in the grounds, but also of it with sleaze and scandals that even rocked the parliament. The killer however is the fantasy league I run, which has been draining me. Keeping track of player form, injuries, predicting performance and […]

The 2010 Dandanakka Awards – Part 1

Ah late coming but latest coming. Just when you thought that we had forgotten, we come back with what is our highest traffic generating post each year. Having watched close to 70 films last year and being a avid follower of bollywood, we bring you the 4th Annual Dandanakka Awards. Owing to the success of […]

The 2009 Dandanakka Awards – Part 2

Someone once said, with great power comes great responsibility, we say with great traffic comes even greater expectationwith great traffic comes even greater expectation. We left our previous post in the air with the promise to come back with more and the hits have been flowing ever since. Thanks to the kind hearted folks at […]

The 2009 Dandanakka Awards – Part 1

It’s that time of the year when we salute the worst in Indian cinemawe salute the worst in Indian cinema. It’s not everyday that we recognize the efforts of these filmmakers who put in hours of work to churn out box office duds. These duds are relegated to the depths of the box office under […]

dandanakka eh danukanakka…….

The title of this post was a very funny song that gaya introduced me to, and ever since I’ve had to hold my stomach and LOL’ed so hard whenever I’ve hear this song. Non-Tamizh readers can at least relate to the weird lyrics and beats. Some Tamizh readers can identify the voice and that is […]

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