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Mahishasura’s nose ring: The gumbal – Part 1

“Orei panduranga, why don’t you take all this so-called family¬†heirloom¬†and put them in the attic. I’m sure there is room for it and they can rot for another 300 yrs after which some museum will pay for them.” Bilahari Basavaiyya had recently found out that their family owned an ancestral home in Guntur and was […]

It’s Powerpuff time again!

Bhaktas, This is Baba Bangali and on behalf of everyone at Dappan Koothu, I take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy Vijaya Dasami. The scoop I did last year for the occasion was highly popular and I was looking for ways to repeat the same this year as well. Being highly […]

Return of the Powerpuff girls

Bhaktas, This is you friend, philosopher and guide Baba Bangali and today I have a very special guest here at Dappan Koothu. They’re very close to me and we share a strong bond and hence I refer to them as the Powerpuff girls. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are the consorts of the holy trinity and […]

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