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Hey come-u mama, hit-u mama, six-u mama

Friends, Maldivians and Karantaka MLAs, this is Munna Mobile bring you yet another bulletin of news you cannot use. Before we get to the biggest story of the day, I’d like to remind you of a great movie called BASEketball that released in the 90s and was a regular on Star Movies ever since. For those of […]

Incredible India: A how-to for travelogues

The world loves India, we are the biggest exporter of manpower both skilled & unskilled. We gave the world Curry, Bollywood & Biryani. We also gave the world some unimportant things like the number zero, chess and a guidebook to lovemaking. Ask anyone on the road, they’ll tell you one of these and gloat about […]

Rage against the Republic

The ceiling features a circular stone mural, marble elephants stare at you from the four corners of the room, red sandstone grills provide ample ventilation as the morning rays filter through them. Little bells on the door jingle each time as someone walks by them or the icy Delhi winds remind you of what time […]

Azadi dil ki

Hello 98210262612 BPL? cha! Arre 98200262635 maxtouch? cha! Yaar jis ladki ko patane ka Wohi phone pe nahi aati kya What is mobile number, What is your smile number Karni hain private baatein, What is your private number Kaha se tu aati hain darling kaha ko tu jaati hain Aake jaake aaise kyo dil ko […]

Poll poll din ke paas

Sat sri akal and a copy to all, this is your friend philosopher and guide Baba Bangali along with our resident reporter Munna Mobile coming to you live from our bunker in the hinterlands. We’re stationed in a bunker because of the nature of information we deal with. You read the regular stuff in the […]

Amma, I’m coming home…….

Ma, I know you don’t read this space very often but still. I know that I’ve been a bad boy, I don’t call you very often. I argue, I fight but I guess that’s how all sons are. Work has been tough and compounded to that living alone doesn’t help either. I want to run […]

Sports in India…….

Narain Karthikeyan has surely aroused a lot of interest in motorsports. Pankaj Advani’s win @ IBSF championships is a shot in the arm for billiards n snooker. Saw both interviews on NDTV, It’s really refreshin 2 c many indians take up various sports other thatn cricket n excel at em’. Narain said that he was […]

Republic day……….

Watched the second half of ‘Upkaar’ in the morning, then the parade. ‘LOC kargil’ in the afternoon n finally ‘bombay’ in the evening! The best mix of republic day mood makers: At one end u had manoj kumar reliving the ‘kisan’ angle of our economy n that song ‘mere desh ki dharti’ was just the […]

Dappan Koothu

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