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Kyunki Lehman bhi kabhi Goldman tha

Jeez what that booming sound? I heard they shut of that stupid LHC so this couldn’t have been that so-called Bing Bang. Turns out that our Vaigyanik Daanav was meeker than our very own Mamata Bannerjee.  If it wasn’t the shelved experiment then what could have caused the commotion? Closer inspection reveals that it was […]

Indian student needs our help

Suresh Penchala, an Indian student at The Eastern Illinois University(EIU) is in critical condition and needs our help. Find more in this Journal Gazette news article. Aug 14th at 9:30PM, Suresh set out to E.I.U, Charleston,IL in a 97 model Toyota RAV4 by road along with a friend of his Nishant Etala. He was supposed […]

Dappan Koothu

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