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Stop running like a headless Raavana

“Senapathi, why hasn’t the bloody inverter kicked in yet? Feels like I’m in a furnace, we must talk to that Surya dude tomorrow about the rage he’s unleashing on us“. “My Lord, this is not a two-hour power cut. It is going to be like this all day. The inverter can only last for a […]

Two movies, a King and a City

||Agni Skalana Sandhaghdharipu Varga Pralya Radha Chatrapathi Madhyamdhina Samudhyath Kirana Vidyuddhumani Khani Chatrapathi Thajjem Thajjenu Thadhim Dhirana Dhim Dhim Thakita Nata Chatrapathi Urvii Valaya Sambhavyavara Swacchanda Gunadhi…|| ||Khumbhi Nikara Khumbhastha Guru Khumbhi Valaya Pathi Chatrapathi Jhanjha Pavana Garvapahara Vindhyadri Samadruthi Chatrapathi Chanda Prabala Doardhandajitha Dhurdhanda Bhata Tathi Chatrapathi Shatru Prakara Vicchedakara Bheema Arjuna Prathi…|| ||Dhig […]

Its a man’s world…….

The previous post may have led a few to think that I’m chauvinistic, so let me allay those doubts with this post. The womens reservation bill was tabled in the so-called-upper-house-of-parliament, the Rajya Sabha amidst chaos. Is it the male ego that blinds everything or could it be that we chose not to see beyond […]

Dappan Koothu

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