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Review: 3 Idiots – You are the fourth

Well, you read it right and I did infact call you all idiots. Who else in the world would be insane enough to go watch a movie that claims its protagonists to be idiots.A friend argued with me that the movie was going to be a dramatic sketch about kids suffering from acute idiocy and […]

Maal kaalchur and no thunder

Heard in a famous mall in Chennai (At Lifestyle) Girl: I love Puma, It’s so very European you know… Boy: (blank expression) (At Van Heusen) Another Girl: Only my man can wear pink (Hands her boy-toy a pink shirt) Another poor guy: (blank expression) I generally don’t eavesdrop and snoop around coochie-coo couples but this […]

Vaazhthugal – A crash course in tamizh…….

Saw the so-called blockbusters of the tamizh pongal bonanza back to back this weekend and I’m glad to have survived the ordeal. Tamizh cinema has often succumbed to hero worship and the new releases of the season plunge to an all new low. I hope this and the previous two posts, serve as an early […]

Dappan Koothu

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