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The Kitchens of Indraprashta

Indraprashta looked stunning in spring as the royal gardens were in bloom. The chirping of birds, the chatter of the maids & the soldiers were once again practicing outdoors showing off their valor  A familiar figure walked through the courtyard leaving his sandalwood fragrance through out the palace. The maids were giving him shy glances as the peacock feather on […]

US elections Mahabharata ishtyle

This election has been the most watched and closely followed election globally. It comes as no surprise that even the Indian media is hooked onto it like some cheap weed in an IIT hostel. Indians in the states also have been following it madly though they don’t even have a say it it. It’s amazing […]

Poke me kanna one more time!

Bhaktas, Today the world celebrates the birthday of the greatest lover in any mythology. I state this however with no offense to the Lord nor is this an attempt to malign his greatness. If my Bhakta’s from the HMK are reading this, then they can safely ignore it. The leela’s of Krishna are unparalleledleela’s of […]

Dappan Koothu

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