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Mattercast with Maxdavinci feat GreatBong

Yes this section isn’t dead! After almost a month of procrastination we’ve managed to get out another episode in this series. This time we have superstar blogger, author and Mithun Chakraborty historian, GreatBong! For those of you who haven’t heard about him, he blogs here and his tweets can be found here. I thank everyone for the multiple listens and shares for the previous podcast and promise to keep this going. This mattercast went past two hours […]


jimmy mi jimmy moh

First things first, I apologize for my absence from the blogsphere for almost a month. A few of you might have missed me, though I had been commenting on a few blogs here and there. Loads of traveling, pubbing, version releases and some good movies had blunted my acumen. It was the season of graduation parties and strangely some good movies like 21, Narnia, Forbidden Kingdom and the baap of all Indy4! For those of […]