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A case of ten avatarams (Part 2)

(continued from the previous post) My rants don’t end with the screenplay but with the reason behind why it was stretched to the limit, and that being the all hyped ten roles. Firstly, I failed to see the need for the ten rolesI failed to see the need for the ten roles. Some of them […]

Baba Bangali….

Dear Baba Bangali, Couple of weeks ago we successfully raised our voice against a popular south-indian actress. The protest deeply cut through media while people stood up and took notice of our activities. After having announced our arrival we are now looking for another issue so that we are not skirted away by the media. […]

The Boss experience…….

Ah Finally! I get to post in this space, I get some motivation to do what I loved the most. It’s been close to 250 days since my last post way back in October. Who better than ‘The Boss’ to kick off a fresh start to blogging again. To many in the west, the term […]

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