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Valentines day

Tujhko Mirchi Lagi Toh

Valentines Day always comes with it’s share of controversies every year. Be it fanatic Hindu groups trying to forcibly marry couples they manage to find, or hooligans ransacking gift shops. Such actions only irk couples to show their solidarity and oppose rowdy elements. On the other side of the spectrum it is they day Hallmark, […]

The curse of the Pink Pant(y)her

The Shri Ram Sene headed by Pramod Mutalik is out to seek romancing couples on valentines day and get the to either tie a rakhi or a mangalsutra! They have been backed by some groups and more interestingly couples facing opposition from their parents. All they have to do is show up on the streets […]

Wen i entered heaven!!!!!!

There goes by another valentine day n along with also go its sentiments. Me a stag n proud 2 b 1, but the recent developments have been pretty disturbing. Everybody is talkin bout ‘Valentines day’, I doubt how many of them even woke up 2 watch the parade on Jan 26th? Whats even more shockin […]

Dappan Koothu

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