Finally somebody tries to challenge the worlds best search engine…….

but in vain…..

Its always been that when you have something so popular as Google, it sets a very high mark for the competitors to match. Loads of wannabe search engines have vanished without a trace and M’soft seems to be goin the same way with the new ‘Windows Live’ search engine.

Firstly the’ve tried to embed the Google features like ‘Local’, ‘Images’ and ‘News’ which can’t be exactly called as a copied idea as they are just tryin to offer similar services.

AJAX is a cool new thing but I’d say that the’ve overdone it. The enlarged images on hover may look cool but then replacing the scrollbar is stoopid! The opening page might seema bit cluttered and folks may argue that its in liew with Google’s personalized home. Now listen up dudes, the google personal page shows u stuff only if u wanna c em. U have control of yorhomepage and you have to sign in first. It doesnt shove the various components in your face!

The home page looks kinda cool with the movable components and colors are neat and simple. Image search is kinda slow to load, Local search uses MapPoint but I can’t find my appt on it. All the search results are shown on a single page so you can’t say ‘hey it’s the second result on page three’.

Ok, lets sum it up…

1) Movable components
2) Good GUI and colours
3) Big images on hover
4) Live Ideas is an interesting concept

1) Replaced the browser scrollbar with AJAX scroll
2) Image search takes a few days to load
3) Local search can’t find my appt, or school
4) Slow Slow SLow
5) Search for ‘mayur’ returns my blog as the thirs result…. LMAO
6) All results on a single page
7) For some reason wen u hover on the URL’s u can find exceptionally long ones(referin via MSN)

The last one one bamboozled me. Why redirect serach results via MSN? To improve pagerank? Or is there any other reason? Sponsored links? Increase traffic? Hmmmmmmmmm we prolly wud never know!

Lastly I surely wont be usin it for search, but I dont discourage ppl. U like eyecandy go ahead, but wen u r tired with floss get back the the simple HTML based Super fast n sexy search engine……

Welcome to Google!