Fox on fire!

Firefox has been my favoritest(I know it’s not a real word, duh!) browser and I’ve been using it for the last four years. It’s the first thing I download when I’m not using my computer and carry it as a portable-app on my flash drive. I’ve converted almost all my friends and even my parents have turned to the dark side now. The hajjaar extensions and add-ons help you do almost everything from your browser like ftp, audio player, picture viewer, chat apart from the techy tweaks. The reason behind all this bullshit is to goad all you remaining readers to take part in the ‘Firefox3 download fest‘ and set a world record for the most downloads. I promise you, after FF, your internet experience will be like never before.

Download Day 2008

Spread the word, change the way you look at the world wide web. Throw away your 88′ Premier Padmini(IE) and get on the information super highway on a brand new 08′ Dodge Viper(FF)! It all starts in a few hours from now, so lets see how many downloads you are responsible for!

UPDATE: Click here for the direct download!