Fox on fire!

Firefox has been my favoritest(I know it’s not a real word, duh!) browser and I’ve been using it for the last four years. It’s the first thing I download when I’m not using my computer and carry it as a portable-app on my flash drive. I’ve converted almost all my friends and even my parents have turned to the dark side now. The hajjaar extensions and add-ons help you do almost everything from your browser like ftp, audio player, picture viewer, chat apart from the techy tweaks. The reason behind all this bullshit is to goad all you remaining readers to take part in the ‘Firefox3 download fest‘ and set a world record for the most downloads. I promise you, after FF, your internet experience will be like never before.

Download Day 2008

Spread the word, change the way you look at the world wide web. Throw away your 88′ Premier Padmini(IE) and get on the information super highway on a brand new 08′ Dodge Viper(FF)! It all starts in a few hours from now, so lets see how many downloads you are responsible for!

UPDATE: Click here for the direct download!

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  • Safari is the best.

    me: iphone show-off

  • Kandidaalum Adichindaalum, IE IE thaanu I have been always loyal to it. My husband slyly installs a whole lot of crap on my machine including Firefox. I never use it, but may be I should for a change.

    me: Ok, one person almost converted!

  • DUH??

  • my firefox conversion happened long time ago too! Now i find ie extremely lame..

    me: you worked for G, so FF comes naturally

  • Po do loose. Edavdu erudu.

  • Neku onnum puriyalai. Indagaalathu kondeygal yellam yennamo pesarale. FOX TV mattum thaan nekku teriyum.
    Duh o duh!

    me: It’s a browser maami, like internet explorer. Its faster and safer. need I say more?

  • Yeah…firefox’s the best cos its open source n so damn user-friendly! SHOOT the ppl who r pro-IE. LONG LIVE THE FOX!!!
    and for those of you who took the pains downloading firefox 3 on download day and contributed to the fantabulous world record, here’s a token of appreciation from Mozilla Corp., an official Download CERTIFICATE. Go get ur copy NOW!!!

    me:lol! are they paying you?

  • Firefox rocks!

    I have been a long time addict and push everyone to use it. We were eagerly waiting to download FF3 that day(hv been running the RC though) and the site was knocked down by traffic!!! But we guessed the URL and downloaded it. I guess they underestimated FF’s popularity.

    Go FF!

    me: that’s awesome, great to hear from enthusiasts like you….

  • I plejjed! and downloaded alzo!

  • I like the Ad Block Plus extension on firefox. I can turn off all those lousy banner ads on websites, makes it a clean view.

    me:try noscript!

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