Ah finally…….

My research has finally been approved and is ready to be published. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic juggling work and research at the same time. Any budding-researchers/desi-grad-students-in search-of-funding reading this blog remember, It’s not easy riding two horses at the same time unless you are Zorro!

I have now made a so-called significant contribution to the world of science and our proposed algorithm can now protect mobile agents from attacks by malicious hosts. I know it sounds convoluted, but then I myself share the same feeling. After being officially kicked out of grad school I can now dedicate all my time to work(ya rite!). Blogging and my playstation will now fill the void created by the completion of my research and that means more vetti hours.

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  • Congratulations on finishing!

  • thank you maami!

  • kangaarolations!

  • thnx thalaiva

  • A long stage in life comes to an end huh?Amazing how in years ahead you’d be able to think of the struggle and work of academic life and still feel it was the best fun part of your life.
    Best wishes for days ahead.

  • I’m thinking of extending this honeymoon! Just don’t want it to end……

  • If you can, jus do it. If life gives me another chance I’d gladly swing my satchel and go back to being a student.

    me: how true!

  • Congrats dude.


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