Amma, I’m coming home…….


I know you don’t read this space very often but still. I know that I’ve been a bad boy, I don’t call you very often. I argue, I fight but I guess that’s how all sons are. Work has been tough and compounded to that living alone doesn’t help either. I want to run away from work, servers, conference calls, meetings, cooking, cleaning, and just about everything. I want to run into your outstretched arms at the airport, sleep on your lap while we watch the 9-O-clock news, drown in the aroma of your sambar and gobble up a dozen of your pooris.

I close my eyes and see your white fluffy idlis begging to be eaten,  hear the crackle of your crisp dosas, smell the invigorating flavor of your rasam and feel your upma melt in my mouth. It’s a sign and I know someone’s calling me, and it’s none other than you. So here I disappear form the radar, and dart towards the airport, void of any worries or pressure. Forget the servers, forget the conference calls, forget the meetings, for all I can think of is to sink into your arms. Peace is what I seek and there is no other place in the whole wide world, more peaceful than a mothers hug. Everything can take a back seat for a fortnight because amma, I’m coming home!



PS: Folks around sambarland, drop a comment if you wanna meetup.

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  • Oh yes, nothing compares to Mom’s lap. Happy Hogging! :)

    me: thnx ma, plenty of sambar coming my way!

  • awww…semma sweet. :)

    me: thank you, and welcome to Dappan Koothu

  • awwww! i’ll mail you my number. Call when you get here!

    me: yes maam!

  • Shall I arrange for a cut out and a karagaattam at Anna int’l? Co-ordinate with Gayatri. We’ll meet.

    me: yea a shawl and some adiyaal to ‘o podafy’ as welll

  • Nice! Enjoy macha! Remember us locked in here when you hog!

    me: why unecessary guilty feeling? Do you think of the kids in somalia each time you bite into a thin crust pizzza?

  • Boohoo.. Naanum varaen pleeez.

    Have a good trip and ensoy your amma’s cooking.

    me: aama, perissa after so many saabams

  • Sigh! So, when you leaving…

    me: in a couple of hours

  • alo! engalukku first time laam illa!
    And btw, oru mini blogger meet podalaam! i will bring in original dappan koothu artistes (lol) pipe mani and ganja shankar.

    me: fantastic idea! count me in…

  • Machi inda post romba sweet jangari ijalebi ellam ok. Anna oru mirugathanama illa. Enamo po. Run shouting “Aaatha naan vanduten…”. Ore slow motion la namba padam pudichu potudalam.

    And dude it is hight time you get married. You are 27 no? Mappu approm, google share oda, oon market down aiyudum

    Ok. Actualy even I miss my mommy mommy mommy. She is short and I used to kutify often:(.

    me: 27 a? dei loosu 3 yrs yaruku kudthey? just turned 24 and namma meter le full matter irukku!

  • Aga… Namba rendu perum same to same a? I thought ni ennoda old nu

  • so, back in India?
    How long are you going to be here? Plans to hit Hyd?

    me: dont think so. 2 weeks and lot of bharat darshan is planned….

  • Oh Maxu bubba, wish my son grows up to be like you, pa.
    Happy homecoming.

    me: Aww, that is such an honour!

  • nice place…. welcome home dr

    me: thnx

  • Awww, Max.
    So well expressed.

    me: thnx james, and thank you for stopping by

  • awww, am sure she’d have burst into tears reading this one. I know I would if my son had written anything remotely similar. At this point, one can only hope..

    me: I actually never asked her, should do it the next time we speak! Yor son has all the making of a fine man!

  • yup i agree…any self respecting amma will burst into tears, proceed to cook up a fantastic meal and sniffle for the rest of eternity. whatay son!
    semma post da!

    me: Kidhar toh bhi touch kiya, I’m gonna show my mom these comments.

  • I’m really frustrated with this fuckin IT .client call ,client interview ,status call , meeting .
    I want to go back home.

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